New Product Launches Cap Big Month for Apple

Apple Pay has proven to be a huge success in China, seeing three million payment cards enrolled in the service in the first three days of its launch. Speaking at a major press event this past Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsMonday, Apple product marketing VP Greg Joswiak said that’s three times as many cards loaded as the mPayment platform saw when it made its debut in the US well over a year ago. While China offers a much larger consumer base and Apple Pay is now available on more devices, many consider the statistic impressive, especially given the doubts about the platform’s commercial viability prior to its China launch.

At that same press event earlier this week, Apple also unveiled its latest devices – a new iPad complete with lightweight keyboard and stylus peripherals, and a new(-ish) iPhone. While the iPhone SE shares many specifications with the iPhone 5s, it does features the same processor as the iPhone 6s, Apple Pay functionality, and a considerably lower price tag than other recent Apple devices.

The device also features the same fingerprint sensor as the iPhone 5s, which will come as a disappointment to some users due to its slightly slower authentication speed. It may also disappoint security experts, since the iPhone 6-generation Touch ID scanner seems to be slightly more difficult to spoof than that of the 5s.

Still, a 5s-generation fingerprint scanner is better than none at all, and with the iPhone SE’s lower price tag it could help to introduce many more consumers to the benefits of fingerprint authentication.

Sources: Ubergizmo, Re/Code