‘Puppy Robot’ Demonstrates Non-Puppy Robots at CES

'Puppy Robot' Demonstrates Non-Puppy Robots at CES
Puppy Robot demonstrating puppy bingo (via Puppy Robot/PR Newswire)

A smart projector specialist made its debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and may have garnered some extra attention through some unusual branding.

The company, operating under the wildly misleading name of Puppy Robot, offers a flagship product called Puppy Cube. It’s essentially a projector, designed to display digital images onto a flat surface; but it also features user interaction, with a built-in sensor monitoring where a user is touching a projected image. And since it can be paired with mobile devices via Bluetooth and AirPlay, or can be connected to other devices via HDMI, it essentially allows users to extend their screens into the physical world.

The company also demonstrated a new offering called Puppy Bingo. This is closer to an actual robot: A short, mobile terminal equipped with health-related sensors. The company says it can detect blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, and ‘abnormal postures’ that may indicate ill health; and it can monitor air quality levels in the home.

And then there’s the Puppy Homey, an offering that turns that kind of ‘abnormal posture recognition’ to the practice of detecting potential burglars, and also features facial recognition technology for the purpose of “community security”, according to a statement from Puppy Robot.

These are potentially exciting technologies, poised to enhance the user experience with mobile devices and to bring robotic helpers to the consumer’s home. But anyone looking for actual robot puppies will be sorely disappointed.