QRails Brings Samsung Pay Benefits to UK Football Fans

QRails Brings Samsung Pay Benefits to UK Football Fans

QRails has teamed up with Samsung Pay to improve the loyalty programs for several football clubs in the UK. The partnership will allow fans of Queens Park Rangers, Swindon Town, and Peterborough United to add a club-branded debit Mastercard to a Samsung Pay account, which will then allow them to use Samsung Pay to complete contactless transactions at any venue or retail outlet where Mastercard is accepted.

The program is available to the Season Ticket Holders and Club Members taking advantage of the loyalty schemes for the three clubs in question, and comes packaged with a slew of club-specific perks. Members will have two percent of the transaction total added to their Club Cash account every time they make a purchase with Samsung Pay. They will also receive notifications about other promotions and have unique opportunities to gain access to sports venues.

QRails, meanwhile, is a cloud-based open API Program Manager-processor geared towards mobile payments. Its debit card loyalty rewards are delivered through a partnership with Transact Payments Limited.

“We understand that consumers are historically reluctant about changing the way they bank,” said QRails CEO Gerard Griffin. “Our partnership with Transact Payments Limited, coupled with the availability of Samsung Pay, mitigates hesitations and concerns around using debit cards. In fact, we are seeing increased card adoption from Club supporters.”

It’s not yet clear if the loyalty program benefits will be made available to the supporters of any other clubs. 

The news comes shortly after Samsung SDS announced that it was joining forces with Syniverse to develop a platform-agnostic mobile payments solution, although Samsung has obviously not abandoned its support for the more proprietary Samsung Pay. The company recently rolled out an update that will allow Samsung Pay users to block the sale of personal information, and previously integrated with Curve’s card consolidation platform.