New Qualcomm Camera Modules Support Iris Authentication, Depth Sensing

Qualcomm has announced a new set of camera modules that could bring advanced computer vision to Android phones and tablets.

New Qualcomm Camera Modules Support Iris Authentication, Depth SensingThe solutions come by way of Qualcomm subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies, and are an extension of the Qualcomm Spectra Module Program. The trio of new modules support passive depth sensing, active depth sensing, and iris authentication, respectively.

In a statement announcing the new technologies, Qualcomm emphasized their utility for motion tracking and “superior biometric authentication”. And given that the modules are destined for Android devices, and that Samsung has been pioneering iris-based authentication with its newest Android phones, the iris scanning module in particular could have a powerful effect in helping to popularize iris-based mobile authentication. It seems plausible that the technology will also be supported in Qualcomm’s Haven authentication platform.

The company also announced the second generation of its Qualcomm Spectra ISPs (Image Signal Processors), which feature simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms that offer VR and AR applications.