Qualcomm Offers Support for Google Assistant with Smart Headset Platform

Qualcomm Offers Support for Google Assistant with Smart Headset Platform

Qualcomm’s Smart Headset Platform is now fully compatible with Google Assistant and Google Fast Pair. The flexible headset platform is built using Qualcomm’s low-power Bluetooth chips, and will empower device manufacturers to build a range of consumer-oriented audio products.

With Google Assistant, Qualcomm will be able to provide push-button activation for the voice assistant while offering improved processing and connectivity options. Fast Pair, on the other hand, will improve Qualcomm’s pairing abilities to make it easier for consumers to use their headset with multiple devices. 

All told, it turns Qualcomm’s development kit into a platform that can meet virtually any demand that another developer might have when it comes to wireless earbuds and headsets. That, in turn, will allow manufacturers to create smart headsets with more comprehensive audio and speech recognition capabilities.   

The news further solidifies the wireless relationship between Qualcomm and Google as they work together to promote 5G technology. It also represents the culmination of Qualcomm’s efforts to provide on-device voice processing, which the company has been pursuing for the past year.   

While Qualcomm recently announced the launch of a new QCS400 SoC series designed specifically for smart speakers, it is not being featured in the new collaboration. The Smart Headset Platform is based on the QCC5100 series, while Google Fast Pair is supported by the QCC5100, QCC3024 and QCC3034 SoC series.