Radisys Brings Engage Development Portfolio to OpenNESS Edge Platform

Radisys Brings Engage Development Portfolio to OpenNESS Edge Platform

Radisys has released a full portfolio of media applications for Intel’s Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) platform. As the name would suggest, OpenNESS is an open source multi-access edge compute (MEC) platform that was created to accelerate the development of 4G/LTE and 5G technologies.

The new Radisys applications are being released under the Engage banner. It will deliver programmable computer vision and analytics applications that will enable high-bandwidth, low latency video processing in a variety of security and IoT applications. Radisys will also allow users to take advantage of AR, VR, and speech recognition technologies, and unlock in-network biometric authentication for digital applications and physical locations.

Radisys noted that the mobile industry has not yet adopted a standard set of MEC development practices, which has led to fragmentation and slowed overall adoption rates. The company chose the OpenNESS platform because it offers a more user-friendly edge development toolkit.

“Our solution will help service providers realize the ultra-low latency benefits of 5G, while enabling new applications like augmented reality, localized collaboration, improved security, and more,” said Radisys Software and Cloud Solutions CTO Adnan Saleem.

“Radisys’ Engage applications provide the industry with a unique platform for real-time media applications and services,” added Intel Edge Computing General Manager and VP Renu Navale.

The new portfolio arrives as more and more companies are updating their offerings in anticipation of the incoming 5G environment. The FCC recently set aside $9 billion to boost 5G coverage in rural areas of the U.S.