Remote Care App Gets COVID-19 Screening and Symptom Monitoring Features

Vivify Health has announced new COVID-19-focused features for its Vivify +Go remote care app for mobile devices.

“COVID-19 Self-Isolation and Monitoring pathways enable all patients, using their mobile devices, to continually update their symptoms, monitored remotely by providers, while receiving constant updates from current CDC guidelines.” -Vivify Health

One of the new features, Screening Pathway, enables end users to self-diagnose by answering a series of questions based on Centers for Disease Control guidelines. The aim is to reduce unnecessary demand on healthcare providers, as end users can determine whether their symptoms warrant a trip to the doctor.

The other, related new feature is dubbed ‘COVID-19 Self-Isolation and Monitoring’. It lets end users continually update their health symptoms on the Vivify +Go app, allowing healthcare professionals to remotely assess their conditions as they pertain to the novel coronavirus, not to mention other chronic conditions such as diabetes and congestive heart failure.

The Vivify +Go app also offers virtual healthcare provider visits and secure messaging, further helping to let end users self-quarantine as necessary.

In a statement announcing the new features, Vivify Health founder and CEO Eric Rock emphasized their potential to reduce the administrative burden that COVID-19 is bringing to the healthcare system, and to help mitigate the spread of the virus. “It’s a far more efficient approach that ensures everyone receives the level of care that is most appropriate – especially those with the greatest need – while keeping the health system from becoming over-taxed,” he said.