Renesas Announces ‘Embedded AI’ Microprocessor

Renesas Announces 'Embedded AI' Microprocessor

With major tech companies now investing heavily in artificial intelligence technologies, Tokyo-based Renesas is jumping on the bandwagon. The semiconductor solutions provider has announced a new ’embedded AI’ (or “e-AI”) microprocessor dubbed “RZ/A2M”.

It’s primarily an image processing solution, aimed at supporting applications such as computer vision. Renesas says the solution delivers 10 times the image processing performance of its predecessor, the RZ/A1, and that its ‘Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor’ supports low power consumption. Thus, the microprocessor enables sophisticated image processing including facial and iris recognition on even battery-powered devices.

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In a statement announcing the solution, Renesas Industrial Solution Business Unit General Manager Yoshikazu Yokota asserted, “We have successfully improved production yields at our own factories through the use of e-AI, proving the usefulness of AI for endpoints.” Yokota also emphasized that Renesas’ work on this technology was ongoing. “We will continue expanding the scope of e-AI applications from simple attributes such as colors, shapes, and waveforms to complex image processing in real time,” he said.

Renesas says samples of the RZ/A2M solution are now available, together with a development board and other support components. Mass production is planned to start in Q1 of next year.