Robust Support for FIDO2 is Already Here

Just a handful of months after the new FIDO2 authentication standard was first announced, robust support has emerged in the tech ecosystem, the FIDO Alliance has announced.

Three of the world’s biggest web browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge – now support the authentication standard, empowering end users with the ability to sign into web services using a security key or biometric authentication. This is perhaps the most crucial new component of the FIDO2 standard, and its widespread support is a big deal for internet security worldwide as more users come to recognize the insufficiency of password-based security on today’s internet.

Meanwhile, a number of companies now have FIDO2-certified authenticators, servers, and clients, including Crosscert, Dream Security Co., ETRI, eWBM, IBM, Infineon Technologies, IniTech, Nok Nok Labs, OneSpan, Raonsecure, Samsung SDS, Singular Key, Whykeykey, Yahoo Japan, and Yubico. Among these, Nok Nok Labs has the distinction of holding the world’s first certified FIDO Universal Server solution that is compliant with all FIDO specifications.

In a statement announcing the progress, FIDO Alliance Executive Director Brett McDowell explained that the FIDO2 protocol “established a technology standard for strong, phishing-resistant authentication on the web that promises better security and a better user experience,” adding, “These announcements […] of certified products and leading web browser support deliver on that promise by bringing these new capabilities to market.”