Ruta Amiga Leverages Ipsidy’s Platform To Offer Loyalty Program Services

Ruta Amiga, a Colombia-based marketing company will use Ipsidy’s Digital Issuance Platform to offer loyalty program services to its clients.Ruta Amiga Leverages Ipsidy's Platform To Offer Loyalty Program Services

The platform is designed to serve as a foundation for custom loyalty programs based on prepaid loyalty and debit cards. It includes an onboarding gateway system, a web portal, and a mobile POS system, among other components.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Ruta Amiga General Manager Fidel Alvarez praised Ipsidy’s platform for its “flexibility, robust capabilities and ease-of-use”. Ipsidy CEO Philip Beck, meanwhile, said the project will further Ipsidy’s “goal of delivering solutions that allow our clients to build and manage trusted mobile ecosystems to grow their businesses in new ways.”

News of the project comes soon after Ipsidy’s announcement that it had won a contract to provide biometric technology for use by election authorities in Zimbabwe. In announcing its latest project with Ruta Amiga, the company did not specify how specifically biometric technology would play a role, but emphasized its status as “a provider of secure, biometric identification, identity management and electronic transaction processing services”.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)