Samsung Offers Details on Wireless, Biometric Earbuds

Samsung is offering more details on its innovative new Gear IconX earbuds.

Samsung Offers Details on Wireless, Biometric EarbudsThe devices are immediately striking for their lack of cords. The earbuds are completely wireless, and their music streaming and volume are controlled entirely through voice command and their touch-sensitive external chassis.

But they’re also notable for their biometric capabilities. The earbuds are equipped with a built-in accelerometer and cardiac sensor, tracking exercise automatically. They also interface with Samsung’s S Health app, providing a hub from which to track workouts.

The biometric technology may be a product of Valencell, whose ear-based biometric technology was licensed by Samsung earlier this year, though the latter hasn’t officially confirmed this. In any case, its emergence reflects the growing popularity of biometric technology in wearable devices, and Samsung’s increasing enthusiasm for biometrics more generally.