Samsung Looks To The Future Of AI With Collaborative Approach

Samsung forwarded a collaborative approach to AI when hosting the recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit this week. The summit welcomed over 300 academics, technical experts, and university students with the mandate to explore ways to further advance AI research and to more fully understand the best commercial applications of AI.Samsung Looks To The Future Of AI With Collaborative Approach

AI is a fast growing industry which applications are already changing humans interact with the world. Integrated into banking, smart cars, smart homes, and voice assistants, AI’s applications have introduced a whole range of possible use cases in the modern world. But by no means are these applications close to being exhausted, and Samsung is knows they have to be able to be open to the various potential AI has to offer.

“AI and machine learning are major strategic imperatives for Samsung. There’s no doubt that, in the coming years, these technologies will completely change the way people interact with every device in their lives, from phones and wearables to home appliances and cars,” said Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung Electronics, and Chairman of the Board at HARMAN. “For this to happen, we believe AI must be open—so we can harness the talent and expertise of a vast ecosystem of companies, and ultimately give consumers smarter, simpler, more meaningful interactions with the devices they love. This Summit underscores our commitment to an open, collaborative AI ecosystem, and serves as a call to action for all researchers and entrepreneurs who share our vision for a more connected world.”

This vision for a new connected world is part of Samsung’s plan to create a new AI research center dedicated strictly to the applied research and development of AI. As part of a global community, Samsung plans to open additional AI research labs in Canada, the UK, and Russia in 2018.

With these kinds of global, collaborative efforts to advance the practical applications of AI, it’s a veritable wild west in terms of how and what the potential applications of AI can mean. In coming years we can see everything from healthcare industries, security, law enforcement, public transit, and more drastically change with the influx of AI in the world.