Samsung, KDDI Trial 5G Video Streaming at the Ballpark

Samsung and KDDI have completed another 5G trial in which 4K video was streamed to multiple 5G tablet devices. The trial also involved virtualized core and virtualized RAN technologies.Samsung, KDDI Trial 5G Video Streaming at the Ballpark

The trial saw 5G access units installed on a light tower just outside of a baseball stadium. The units broadcasted 4K video over a 28GHz  5G band, which 5G tablets in the stadium seats were able to stream.

The trial follows another real world trial conducted toward by Samsung and KDDI last year in which 5G technology was used to upload 4K video and download 8K video from a moving train. Like this latest trial, that testing was done in Japan, though Samsung has also been experimenting with 5G technologies in the US and plans to launch 5G services in California later this year.

The latest trial’s baseball stadium venue may be a bit puzzling to those who actually find baseball exciting to watch; why go to the stadium if you’re just going to stream video, anyway? But as KDDI Senior Managing Executive Officer Yoshiaki Uchida explained in a statement announcing the trial, “It is exciting to see how the technology will play out at crowded events to result in the discovery of new business models.”

Of course, for those who aren’t riveted by baseball, the emergence of 5G streaming promises a godsend for when they’re dragged by friends to the ballpark.