Samsung, Qualcomm Partnership to Continue Through 5G Transition

Qualcomm and Samsung have renewed their vows with the announcement of a multi-year strategic partnership that will extend “through the transition to 5G.”Samsung, Qualcomm Partnership to Continue Through 5G Transition

The companies’ current working relationship is already well-established and longstanding, with the companies having entered into a $1.3 billion+ licensing deal in 2009 that has seen Samsung incorporated Qualcomm chips into numerous mobile devices in the ensuing years. Now, in a statement announcing the new agreement, the companies say their collaborative efforts will extend to “various technology areas and across a range of mobile devices.”

They also emphasized the opportunities emerging along with 5G connectivity, with Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon proclaiming, “As Qualcomm continues to lead the world to 5G, the opportunities between our companies are growing and this agreement sets us both on a path for continued success.”

While 5G technology is undoubtedly an important consideration for both companies, their announcement is to some extent a symbolic gesture meant for Qualcomm’s other customers. As Reuters reports, Qualcomm has come under scrutiny from antitrust regulators due to business practices that customers like Apple have suggested are monopolistic and exploitative. By highlighting its positive relationship with Samsung – which has also agreed to withdraw from a dispute between Qualcomm and the Korean Fair Trade Commission – Qualcomm may be hoping to signal to other customers that it’s willing and able to work with its partners in good faith.

In any case, Qualcomm and Samsung now appear poised to face the 5G future hand in hand.

Sources: Qualcomm, Reuters