Samsung to Announce New Galaxy Note with Upgraded Biometrics on Aug. 5, Suggest Reports

According to rumors out of South Korea — including from a prolific Samsung leaker — tech giant Samsung is preparing a major product reveal for this year’s Galaxy Unpacked event, to be held online only due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Samsung to Announce New Galaxy Note with Upgraded Biometrics on Aug. 5, Suggest Reports

The reports are that Galaxy Unpacked will be taking place on August 5, when the company unveils the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 20, as well as the followup to last year’s groundbreaking foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold 2.

For the Note 20, the rumors suggest it’ll hold a number of similarities with the Galaxy S20 line — as is often the case with the Note and S lineups — but with some improvements.

Aside from the usual stylus that comes with the larger Note series, the reports say that there should be upgraded storage, faster RAM and charging, and an improved camera.

Perhaps most interesting of all the pieces of information to come from these rumors is the mention of ‘better biometric security.’

In recent years Samsung has relied fairly heavily on iris scanning tech that first appeared in 2016 in the Galaxy Note7, which at the time promised a new fool-proof form of biometric security based on the notion that a person’s irises are unique and nearly impossible to replicate.

The iris scanner has since been featured on the Galaxy S8, S9, Note8 and Note9, though it was absent from the Galaxy S10 and Note10.

In February of this year, the S20 launched with an in-display fingerprint scanner as its main form of biometric security and with very little focus placed on facial recognition.

It’s a decidedly different approach from those of competitors Apple and Google, both of which have ditched fingerprint scanning for facial recognition in recent releases of their own, although Apple did release a budget-friendly iPhone that featured the return of Touch ID.

As we get closer to the August 5 date, we should see some more clarification as to what to expect onboard the Note 20 and perhaps get some more details on what form of biometric security Samsung will go with.

Source: TechSpot