Samsung to Compete Against its Own Tech with Galaxy Note 5

Samsung-LogoSamsung insists that it won’t be releasing the Galaxy Note 5 any earlier than expected, according to a TechRadar article by Matt Hanson. Just forget it. It isn’t going to happen.

Originally, the accepted timeline was that Samsung would launch the new device this September at IFA in Berlin. But rumours began to swirl that Samsung is anxious to beat the next iPhone to the market, and will be pushing the Galaxy Note 5 out as early as July. That would make a certain amount of sense: Samsung is making the chip that will power the iPhone 6S, which is due out this fall, and it would be somewhat absurd for the company to have its newest flagship device compete against a rival device powered by its own technology.

Apparently Samsung is untroubled by the idea, though. The company’s Director of Mobile Products, JK Shin, says that they are not worried about their product being affected by other device launches and they’re sticking with the original plan. Hanson suggests that this could actually offer Samsung a chance to launch the new Note alongside Samsung Pay, which could prove a boon for both offerings, regardless of competition from Apple.