Scottish e-Gov Service Enables Yoti Authentication

Scottish e-Gov Service Enables Yoti Authentication

Yoti‘s partnership with the Scottish Government has produced its first major results, with the company announcing that Scottish citizens can now use its app to access their online “myaccount” profile with the Improvement Service, an organization mandated with improving local government services in the country.

The “myaccount” online portal allows citizens to perform such activities as paying council taxes, paying for school meals, or buying parking permits. The integration of Yoti’s mobile identity solution means that anyone with a Yoti profile can access their “myaccount” services without a password.

That’s because Yoti’s platform uses a combination of document reading and facial recognition to securely verify end users’ identities, enhancing both the security and convenience of online services that take advantage of the solution.

For the Improvement Service, the integration is another step forward with respect to its overarching mission. “We’re committed to further developing the myaccount service to strengthen our offer and our support for digital transformation,” commented Improvement Service Interim CEO Sarah Gadsden in a statement. “It is pleasing to see these new developments come to fruition and we look forward to further building upon these in the coming months.”

Yoti’s statement went on to assert that the company plans to continue its work with the Improvement Service as well as local councils in the country in order “to give citizens more ways to use Yoti” in the coming months.