Smart Car Seat Belt Device Monitors Cardiac Biometrics

Smart Car Seatbelt Device Monitors Cardiac BiometricsA new smart car seat Belt can help keep drivers and passengers safe by monitoring their vital signs.

It’s called the OS-3005. Developed by Olea Sensor Networks, its powered by OleaSense software analytics and about the size of a business card. Its designed for easy integration into vehicular seat belts, and once in place it can monitor the wearer’s heart rate with no need for skin contact or any peripheral wiring. The monitors the wearer’s cardiac data and uploads it to the cloud via Bluetooth, and in the event of an accident it can be used to trigger an automatic emergency services alert.

It isn’t just for car safety, though. Through what Olea calls Olea HeartSignature technology, the system can identify individuals based on their unique cardiac data, and on that basis can configure the smart car’s settings to specifically suit the wearer.

It’s a welcome innovation in a growing technological ecosystem as various companies get excited about the smart car. Companies like Visa and Accenture are looking into how to turn cars into digital payment devices, while voice recognition technology developers are starting to see major opportunities as the smart car concept takes shape. By offering an unobtrusive system that can easily be integrated into existing smart car systems, Olea could help the smart car to pick up speed.