SelfID Allows Users To Customize Liveness Detection Gestures

SelfID Allows Users To Customize Liveness Detection GesturesEasy Solutions has brought facial recognition to its DetectID authentication system with the launch of SelfID. As the name implies, the mobile biometric authentication solution uses the front-facing camera of a mobile device to capture a user’s biometrics when they take a selfie.

Ricardo Villadiego, CEO of  Easy Solutions emphasized the importance of biometrics in the era of the data breach. “With more than 10 billion pieces of data stolen since 2013, authenticating end users remains a challenge,” he said. “Now with SelfID, Easy Solutions’ first in-house developed biometric technology, organizations can take advantage of face authentication with improved deployment, easier configuration and improved user experience.”

In addition to the ease of use commonly associated with contacless biometrics such as facial recognition, SelfID uses visual communication prompts to further enhance the user experience. Users can even customize the liveness detection gesture they prefer to use while authenticating – whether they wish to shake their head, blink, or keep a neutral face.

“Financial institutions can be confident knowing that they and their customers are protected by a safe and convenient biometric authentication solution,” said Villadiego.

Presenting SelfID as a financial sector solution is a prudent move, considering selfie-commerce is largely responsible for the traction of biometrics in mainstream markets.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)