ShoCard Brings Blockchain to OneLogin Access Management Solution

OneLogin has teamed up with ShoCard to bring blockchain technology to its access management solution.ShoCard Brings Blockchain to OneLogin Access Management Solution

The blockchain functionality comes by way of ShoCard’s ShoBadge enterprise solution, which stores users’ personal identification data in a blockchain ledger. ShoBadge has been integrated into OneLogin’s Unified Access Management platform, which leverages biometrics, geo-fencing, and other factors to regulate access to enterprise resources.

Blockchain technology essentially allows information to be stored in discrete packets across a diverse array of computer devices. For the kind of personally identifiable information used for authentication, that decentralized storage means no one entity has access to every piece of the puzzle, allowing for greater security for the end user. Combining this technology with the kind of biometric identification enabled by most contemporary smartphones is a new approach to authentication that is being embraced by a growing number of security solutions providers.

In a statement announcing the integration, ShoCard CEO Armin Ebrahimi called it “a major step in establishing blockchain and mobile technology as the norm for enterprise identity management.” Ebrahimi stressed that password-based security is now outdated, asserting, “With the development of blockchain technology and the mass adoption of mobile technology, it’s become essential to make the most of these forward strides in technology to increase security while making the user experience simpler.”