SmartMetric Teams with Spain’s Biggest Card Scheme

SmartMetric Teams with Spain's Biggest Card Scheme

A big new partnership should leave SmartMetric well-positioned in Europe’s emerging biometric payment cards market.

The company has teamed up with ServiRed, which claims to be Spain’s biggest payment card scheme with 44 million cards in circulation and well over a million participating merchants. ServiRed is also the proprietor of the Advantis card chip operating system, which SmartMetric will now incorporate into its biometric card solution as a result of the partnership.

SmartMetric is one of several firms that has been working to develop biometric payment card technology that allows cardholders to confirm transactions with a fingerprint scan on the card. The company recently announced that it had added a liveness detection component to its own solution, which it says is able to scan and match a fingerprint in less than one second.

Commenting on this latest development in a statement, SmartMetric CEO Chaya Hendrick emphasized the commercialization opportunities it could open up for her firm’s solution. “We are excited by this agreement with ServiRed, who is a major European credit card network that also through its Advantis chip and card operating system will allow us to offer our advanced biometric credit and debit card solution to banks in Europe, South America and the United States,” she said.