Sovrin Network ID Platform Gets Another ‘Founding Steward’

Sovrin Network ID Platform Gets Another 'Founding Steward'Workday, the provider of an enterprise management platform that combines finance and HR information, has become the latest backer of the Sovrin Network.

The news comes soon after biometric authentication specialist Veridium itself became a ‘founding Steward’ of the Sovrin Network, an identity platform based on blockchain technology that is intended to become a global, public utility. Founding Stewards commit to support the platform by offering hardware, network, and/or security resources for its operations.

For its part, Workday’s stewardship will see the company “operate and maintain a validator node tasked with ensuring the availability and integrity of the world’s first distributed ledger purpose-built for self-sovereign identity”, according to a statement from the Sovrin Foundation. In announcing Workday’s support for its platform, the Sovrin Foundation also praised Workday’s cloud-based enterprise solution, calling it an “[i]nnovative, visually beautiful, and intuitively designed” piece of software.

Other high-profile supporters of the Sovrin Network’s identity platform include Cisco, Deutsche Telecom, and IBM. The Sovrin Foundation says it has about 40 other backers besides those, suggesting that there is considerable interest in its concept for an identity verification platform based on distributed ledger technology.