StrongPoint Integrates Yoti Age Scan Into Self-Checkout Solutions

Yoti is expanding the scope of its partnership with StrongPoint. The two companies have been working together since 2018 to automate age checks in the retail industry and facilitate the sale of age-restricted goods at self-checkout terminals.

StrongPoint Integrates Yoti Age Scan Into Self-Checkout Solutions

The updated arrangement specifically concerns Yoti Age Scan, which estimates someone’s age based on a live photo of that individual. StrongPoint will be deploying the solution in its self-checkout machines, and at Click & Collect lockers and Vensafe dispensers. Shoppers will be cleared to purchase restricted products like tobacco if the platform determines that they are over the legal threshold. They will also be able to verify their age with a Yoti Digital ID if the estimate is below that threshold, or if they do not wish to submit a photo.  

The contactless solution negates the need for manual age checks, which makes retail operations safer and more efficient. In that regard, both Yoti and StrongPoint noted that physical documents carry a higher risk of transmission of a disease like COVID-19.

“Automated age verification will eliminate direct contact between store staff and customers, making the shopping journey safer and faster,” explained StrongPoint Technology SVP Julius Stulpinas.

“Shoppers don’t need to sign up for the age estimation solution, or carry personal documents to the store,” added Yoti Chief Business Officer John Abbott. “This means store staff can provide higher-value services for customers and respect social distancing rules.”

The news comes shortly after the German Association for Voluntary Self-Regulation of Digital Media service providers announced that Yoti Age Scan can be used for proof of age on the country’s age-restricted sites. The technology was previously used for similar ends on websites with adult content in the UK.  

Yoti has also been working to streamline physical retail operations. The company’s app can be used to buy age-restricted goods in UK convenience stores, and has been integrated into the NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout solution.