Suprema Mobile Access Transforms Smartphones into Digital Credentials

Suprema has unveiled a new contactless access control solution. Dubbed Suprema Mobile Access, the app-based solution turns an employee’s smartphone into a digital credential that can be used to gain access to buildings and other secure areas.

Biometrics News - Suprema Mobile Access Transforms Smartphones into Digital Credentials

With Suprema Mobile Access, organizations can use the Suprema AirFob Portal to remotely manage all of the credentials connected to their network. When they issue a new credential, the system will send an email to that individual, and the email will contain a link to install the AirFob Pass app on their smartphone. After that, the phone can be used like a more traditional ID card, allowing the user to tap the phone at a card reader to gain entry to a physical location.  

AirFob Pass is available for Android and iOS devices, and offers both NFC and Bluetooth capabilities. It also supports a background mode, which means that users do not need to wake up the device before presenting it at a reader.

Organizations can use the AirFob Portal to revoke someone’s credential at any time. For security, Suprema Mobile Access encrypts the data when credentials are issued and being used, while the solution itself is compliant with the latest ISO 27001 standards.

“Maintaining a high level of reliability, convenience, and personal hygiene has become crucial in recent times,” said Suprema CEO Young Moon. “The innovation in the reading speed and the user experience of Suprema Mobile Access will accelerate the transition from plastic cards to mobile phones as the most common credential of physical access control.”

Suprema Mobile Access reflects the growing interest in contactless authentication options, which are more sanitary than touch-based shared readers. Organizations like the UNHCR and companies like Redrock have highlighted contactless biometrics as an effective way to slow the spread of a disease like COVID-19 while still maintaining strong security practices. 

Suprema previously demoed a mobile credentialing service at IFSEC 2019 in June. The company recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)