SXSW Hosts NEC’s Biometric Art Exhibit

SXSW Hosts NEC's Biometric Art Exhibit

The NEC Corporation will be joining the festivities at this month’s South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. Specifically, the company will be showcasing a biometric art exhibit called CODE, which will make iris scans of SXSW guests and convert the information into graphic patterns that reflect the unique biometric signature of each individual.

The biometrics industry usually places its focus on security applications, so the SXSW exhibit is likely to serve as a reminder that the technology can just as easily be used for aesthetic purposes. The features that make an iris recognition scan an effective security tool also make biometrics an equally potent expression of individuality.

CODE is simply an innovative way to visualize that concept. The artwork it produces will be tailored to each guest, demonstrating why customers should feel confident about using biometric technology to board an airplane or withdraw money from an ATM.

CODE will be on display from March 10th to 13th at Hall 2-5-923 in the Austin Convention Center. The exhibit will also include contemporary jewelry, heat-resistant glass from the HARIO Lampwork Factory, and traditional Japanese hand-dying by Yuichi Hirose. All three are intended to demonstrate the attention to detail required for the “monotsukuri” manufacturing process for high-quality goods.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)