Synaptics Audio Tech to Improve Cortana’s Hearing

A new partnership could see Synaptics voice audio technology integrated into a broader range of consumer devices. The company has teamed up with Microsoft, with the aim of using its AudioSmart far-field voice DSP technology in applications supporting the latter’s voice-based AI platform.Synaptics Audio Tech to Improve Cortana's Hearing

In a statement announcing the partnership, Synaptics explained that it will entail “ODM partner programs, reference designs, and comprehensive rapid development kits (RDKs) specifically tuned to support the Microsoft Cortana devices ecosystem, including Skype.” The company says it has refined its technology to meet Microsoft’s high standards with respect to the user experience, costs for OEMs, and time to market; and that its AudioSmart solution is ready for prototyping.

“The collaboration enables an excellent path for OEMs and ODMs to deliver a very high-quality Cortana experience, get their products to market faster with low engineering complexity, and produce innovative voice solutions at a competitive price point without all the hassle and additional costs of grounds-up development,” explained Synaptics VP Saleel Awsare.

With AI and virtual assistants on the rise across a wide range of applications, and Microsoft seeking to make Cortana a bigger part of the user interface for its devices, it’s a collaboration that could ultimately dramatically extend the reach of Synaptics’ technology.