Synaptics Fingerprint Sensor Operates Through 200μm of Glass

New Synaptics Fingerprint Sensor Operates Through 200μm of Glass

Synaptics, a user interface developer, has announced that its latest Natural ID fingerprint sensor technology has been successfully tested through over 200 micrometers of cover glass.

It’s a significant success in the company’s efforts to develop a fingerprint sensor solution that can function under glass, which would enable OEMs to develop smartphones and tablets that feature fingerprint sensors without the need for separate buttons taking up valuable real estate on their devices. In a statement announcing the achievement, the company asserted that its “second generation under glass fingerprint authentication product senses under thicker glass than any other solution currently on the market at greater than 200μm.”

Moreover, the solution will benefit both device makers and consumers alike, says Synaptics SVP Ritu Favre, as it “allows smartphone OEMs to improve yields and offer creative new industrial designs,” while “users will benefit from an improved user experience and a more durable, scratch-resistant smartphone.”

The company is demonstrating its new technology at its Analyst and Investor Meeting today, and will show it off again at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. It expects to be ready for mass production starting in the first quarter of next year.