Syniverse Upgrades Message Filter with RealNetworks’ Language Processing Tech

Syniverse Upgrades Message Filter with RealNetworks' Language Processing Tech

Syniverse has partnered with RealNetworks in an effort to provide mobile network operators and internet service providers with better messaging filters. To do so, Syniverse will integrate RealNetworks’ Kontxt solution into its existing Syniverse Messaging Clarity platform.

Messaging Clarity is an end-to-end visibility solution that analyzes incoming messages and sorts them into categories. It is able to tell the difference between spam and a message that was sent from one person to another.

It can also identify messages that are sent from an application, which is where Kontxt comes into play. The RealNetworks solution will introduce natural language processing and deep learning capabilities that will improve Syniverse’s ability to distinguish spam from legitimate (and even important) messages like one-time passwords. Doing so will make message streams easier to monetize and block phishing attacks and other forms of malware. 

The joint solution is compliant with international spam and fraud regulations, including the U.S. Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 

“Syniverse offers companies insight into what traffic is flowing through their networks, while ensuring consumer privacy and keeping the actual contents of the messages hidden,” said Syniverse Indirect Markets and Stategic Partnerships SVP Bill Corbin. “Messaging Clarity examines the type of traffic sent and whether it deviates from the sender’s pattern. From there, the technology analyzes if the message is a valid one or spam and blocks the spam.”

The RealNetworks partnership builds on Syniverse’s strong start in 2020. The company recently teamed up with Samsung SDS to develop a universal wallet that leverages Syniverse’s Universal Commerce blockchain technology and its Mobile Engagement platform.

RealNetworks, meanwhile, is best known for its SAFR facial recognition platform, and the company has brought on a new CRO to boost SAFR sales. However, the Syniverse deal is a reminder that the company’s portfolio goes well beyond facial recognition. Much of its revenue has come from Free-to-Play games and music streaming in its last few quarterly reports.