The Return of Smart Glasses and More in This Week’s Top Mobile ID Stories

The Return of Smart Glasses and More in This Week's Top Mobile ID Stories

This week’s roundup of Mobile ID World’s top stories includes a wide range of topics, including wearables, payment cards, eSIM technology, and more.

First up: smart glasses. This technology seemed so promising before the commercial failure of Google Glass, but there may be growing excitement about it once again. That’s certainly suggested by the reader interest in a new smart glasses offering from North:

North Shows Off Second Generation Smart Glasses at CES2020

Meanwhile, readers’ interest in biometric payment cards remains strong, with news about a related Visa survey getting a lot of traffic this week. The results suggest that a lot of consumers are ready for a biometric upgrade to their credit and debit cards:

Visa Survey Shows More Than Half of Cardholders Prefer Biometric Authentication

Sticking with the financial services area, Mobile ID World also published an interview this week with Pablo de la Riva, the CEO of buguroo. The firm is focused primarily on financial services, offering a complex anti-fraud solution that is based on the relatively simple premise of guaranteeing that an end user is who they claim to be, and that they’re not being manipulated:

INTERVIEW: Pablo de la Riva, Founder & CEO, buguroo

Readers also showed an ongoing interest in eSIM technology, demonstrated by the popularity of the latest news in this growing sector from Ericsson:

Ericsson Pushes eSIM Tech with Launch of New Automated Solution

And finally, this week brought the announcement of Nuance’s latest upgrade to its Dragon Medical One platform, a voice-based solution designed to let doctors compile medical documentation much more quickly than traditional methods allow:

Nuance Announces International Expansion of Dragon Medical One Platform


Stay posted to Mobile ID World next week as we continue to bring you the latest news and interviews from the exciting world of digital identity. To see the hottest stories of the week in biometrics, visit our sibling site FindBiometrics.