This Week’s Top Stories Are All About Smartphones and Payment Cards

It’s all smartphones and payment cards in this week’s roundup of Mobile ID World’s most popular stories.

This Week's Top Stories Are All About Smartphones and Payment Cards

On the cards front, this week brought the latest sign of the gradual emergence of biometric payment cards. Zwipe announced that its Hong Kong-based partner, Toppan Forms Card Technologies has placed an order in anticipation of small-scale manufacturing of cards featuring its fingerprint scanning tech:

Zwipe HK Partner to Begin Manufacturing of Biometric Cards

Mobile ID World readers also showed a great deal of interest in the news that IDEMIA and BBVA had teamed up on PVC payment cards made from recycled plastics – an environmentally-minded project on their part:

IDEMIA and BBVA Announce Card Made from Recycled Plastics

Meanwhile, in smartphone news, many readers appear to have been excited about the news that Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 and Redmi Note 9 Pro will soon arrive in the UK:

Xiaomi Brings New Redmi Note 9 and Note 9 Pro Smartphones to the UK

Rumors about future iPhones are always exciting, too, and the latest don’t even concern the device expected to arrive this autumn. Rather, newly ‘leaked schematics’ suggest that the iPhone 13, which will presumably be launched next year, could include an under-display camera setup for Apple’s TrueDepth and FaceTime systems, among other features:

New iPhone 13 Rumors Hint at Possible USB-C Connector

And, remaining in the department of speculation, this week also saw a lot of interest in the revelation that Samsung has applied for a patent for a system designed to prevent screen burn in OLED screens featuring in-display fingerprint sensors. This approach to biometrics has been increasingly popular in the mobile sector in the last couple of years, so the patent would seem to be a natural evolution – but it’s never a sure thing that patented mobile technologies will actually end up in commercial devices:

Samsung Patent Aims to Prevent Screen Burn for In-display Fingerprint Scanners


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