ThreatMetrix Summer ’18 Release Delivers Two Big New Security Features

ThreatMetrix has upgraded its eponymous digital security platform with a couple of important new features.

ThreatMetrix Summer '18 Release Delivers Two Big New Security Features

One is the implementation of a “risk engine API” for 3DS 2.0, or “EMV 3-D Secure“, the platform used for payment security systems like Verified by Visa. Essentially, the solution will assess a user’s real-time transactions against those recorded in its Digital Identity Network, allowing the system to approve transactions without interrupting the user experience, or else flag them for potential signs of fraud.

In a statement, ThreatMetrix Chief Product Officer Alisdair Faulkner said the company “is already working with leading card networks, payment processors, merchants and many other global businesses to implement 3DS 2.0, giving its customers a head start.”

The other big new feature is the ThreatMetrix Champion Challenger. It’s a tool for administrators allowing them to test new security rules before fully implementing them. The admin is already using a “champion” policy, but can also activate a “challenger” policy that can run alongside it. If the new challenger policy appears to be more effective than the current champion policy, it can then be designated the champion, and established as the sole policy in place – until next time.

In other words, it’s live A/B testing for security protocols, an approach that should help administrators to make smarter decisions about policy changes going forward. And together with the risk engine API for 3DS 2.0, it should help to keep more end user data secure.