Toshiba Smartglasses Offer AR Tech for the Enterprise

Toshiba has announced new smartglasses based on Windows 10.

Toshiba Smartglasses Offer AR Tech for the Enterprise

The company isn’t quite following in the footsteps of previous efforts to make smartglasses a thing; its dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses are aimed not at everyday consumers, but at enterprise customers, with the solution’s augmented reality technology offering users a kind of wearable PC.

The system packages together a two-ounce AR100 Head Mounted Display with an integrated touchpad, and a dynaEdge DE-100 Mobile Mini PC tablet device. The latter is 6.5 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches and less than 11 ounces, and features a simple five-button interface. But it’s powered by Windows 10 Pro, and when not used in the field together with the headset it can be plugged into a PC display and used like a desktop. The solution also features an integrated fingerprint sensor to regulate access to the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses, in keeping with Toshiba’s earlier adoption of biometric security in consumer products.

In a statement announcing the new solution, Toshiba laid out a number of features of the solution including “Document Viewing, Live Video Calls, See-What-I-See, Photo/Video Capture, Alerts/Messaging, Workflow Instruction and Barcode Scanning capabilities”, all of which point to applications “including Maintenance, Remote Expert, Manufacturing, QA Inspection & Audit, Logistics, Training and Knowledge Transfer.”

The dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses package isn’t cheap, however: Toshiba has set an MSRP of $1,899.99. Enterprise administrators who see the advantages that this technology offers will be able to purchase the solution starting in Q2 of this year.