Trustonic and Lookout Team Up to Provide Better App Security

Trustonic and Lookout Team Up to Provide Better App Security

Lookout has partnered with Trustonic to expand the reach of its App Defense security platform. App Defense is an embeddable SDK that was built to reduce the threat of fraud and data breaches for consumer apps. The platform provides enterprise customers with more insight about malware and other security risks to their network.

To that end, Lookout has leveraged Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to provide enterprises with more comprehensive coverage across Android and iOS applications. The Lookout Security Cloud, meanwhile, analyzes data from 70 million apps on 170 million devices to spot and prevent fraudulent transactions.

“Our mobile app team was able to integrate and test the App Defense SDK in a few days and now we have real-time visibility into a variety of threats on consumer devices, which allows us to incorporate risk mitigation workflows in our app to protect our customers and their trust in our brand,” explained Money Mart CTO Awan Sikri.

Money Mart is one of several financial institutions that has deployed App Defense to safeguard its mobile platform. Trustonic’s TEE technology has been used to protect everything from smartwatches to government communications, while the TAP solution has secured the Ksmartech authentication platform in Korea.

More recently, Trustonic unveiled the ALPS platform to discourage smartphone theft.