Truxtun Capital Releases FIDO-Certified Payment Card with Acoustic Tech

Truxtun Capital Releases FIDO-Certified Payment Card with Acoustic Tech

Truxtun Capital has released a new payment card that leverages acoustic technology for an additional layer of security. The new Wega 3DSA 2.0 is available in the UK through the company’s partnership with the Manchester City Football Club, and is being billed as the first commercial deployment of a FIDO-certified payment card.

“Truxtun’s Acoustic technology introduces an innovative way to provide simpler and stronger FIDO Authentication to consumers making digital transactions,” said FIDO Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Shikiar. “With the Wega City Supporter’s Card now available, City fans will benefit from the strong security, privacy and convenience that FIDO Authentication provides.”

The new card is compliant with MasterCard and the incoming GDPR and PSD2 regulations. It will also give consumers more control over their identities and their accounts, allowing them to choose their preferred form of multifactor authentication.

The acoustic technology, meanwhile, can be combined with the iOS City Wega app to prove that a physical card is present when making online purchases. When prompted, the card will play a unique set of notes, which will be picked up by the app to confirm the sale. The sequence of notes will change for every purchase, offering a high level of security and stopping fraudulent transactions even if the card number is stolen.

Truxtun Capital was a member of the FIDO Alliance’s Europe Working Group that formed in 2017 to examine GDPR, PSD2, and eIDAS issues. The new card points to the growing influence of FIDO in Europe, as does the recent certification of Switzerland’s Idiap Research Institute for biometric component testing.