Uniken Provides REL-ID for everis Clients

Uniken Provides REL-ID for everis Clients

Uniken and everis have formed a partnership that will make the former’s REL-ID authentication solution available to everis clients around the world. REL-ID is a multi-channel solution that authenticates customers who call into a company’s Contact Center, and does so without the need to exchange any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

REL-ID offers secure multi-factor authentication and is compliant with the latest PSD2 requirements for Strong Customer Authentication. The multi-channel platform covers mobile, browser, chatbot, and messaging interactions, and is compatible with digital assistants. It also allows users to sign off on transactions on a mobile device, which cuts down on paperwork and unnecessary trips to a physical location.

Uniken and everis are hoping to offer REL-ID to financial institutions in an effort to reduce call times and their reliance on outdated security measures like passwords and PII.

“While mobile has become the de facto channel of choice for the consumer, banks still need to deliver on every channel,” said Uniken CEO Bimal Gandhi. “Financial institutions must deliver security that meets the rigid regulatory standards, yet also meets the consumer expectation for simplicity, consistency and zero friction.”

Uniken showcased the REL-ID solution at Money20/20 in 2016, shortly after the company joined the FIDO Alliance. everis is a subsidiary of NTT DATA, which became an official reseller of the Nok Nok Labs S3 Authentication Suite in March of 2018.