University of Tokyo and JDI Produce Ultra-Thin Biometric Sensor

Biometrics News - University of Tokyo and JDI Produce Ultra-Thing Biometric Sensor

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) and the University of Tokyo’s School of Engineering have partnered to produce what is being called the world’s first ultra-thin biometric sensor.

Able to measure fingerprints, veins and pulse waves, the 15 micrometer thick sensor is as thin as a piece of paper as well as being lightweight and bendable, and is also capable of high-resolution imaging and high-speed readouts.

According to JDI, this makes the sensor well-suited for use in security applications and in data-sensitive wearables, due to ability to measure both biometric signals (pulse waves) and biometric information (fingerprints and vein patterns) simultaneously. In comparison, other sensors operate with one or the other of the above.

JDI has yet to reveal any plans for the commercialization of the technology, but expects that the sensor will be integrated into biometric security authentication systems to prevent identity-faking and impersonating.

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