UPS Finally Delivers Biometric Authentication for App Users

UPS has brought fingerprint authentication to its mobile app.UPS Finally Delivers Biometric Authentication for App Users

It’s a bit late to the game, with apps from a wide range of prominent companies leveraging the fingerprint sensors that are now so popular on smartphones to enhance user security while making logging in even more convenient. But better later than never; the user can now toggle “Keep Me Logged In” and “Enable Fingerprint” settings on the login screen.

Other new features of version 8.0 of the UPS app include the ability to import contacts from a user’s device, some bug fixes, and a new color screen that is a lot less brown.

The upgrade comes as Android prepares to make biometric security a bit stronger for the next version of its popular operating system, Android P. The forthcoming update will use new and more stringent metrics to determine whether a given biometric authentication system is strong or weak, and will require additional security features for the latter. The operating system is expected to launch sometime in August.

UPS v.8.0, meanwhile, is available now from the Google Play store.

Source: Android Police