US Coast Guard Uses Biometric Handheld in Anti-Terrorism Efforts

US Coast Guard Uses Biometric Handheld in Anti-Terrorism Efforts
The Mozaic ID handheld leverages Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo fingerprint sensor.

Integrated BiometricsColumbo fingerprint sensor is now helping to keep US cargo facilities safe and secure, thanks to a partnership with Parroco Security Integration Group, or “P-SIG”. The latter has integrated the Columbo solution into its Mozaic ID handheld biometric scanner, which has now been selected by the US Coast Guard for use in verification of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (“TWIC”) implemented after 9/11 to prevent terrorist attacks at coastal shipping facilities.

The Coast Guard has purchased 250 of the Mozaic ID devices, and they’ve now been deployed to various ports.

In announcing the developments, Integrated Biometrics VP David Gerulski emphasized how the deployments help to demonstrate the quality of the Columbo solution. “These are workplaces where ease of use, durability and simplicity are key, and where environmental conditions can be harsh,” he explained. “Our products are recognized in the market for their ruggedness and mobility, making them the go-to devices for securing borders and facilities around the world.”

P-SIG CEO Jim Parroco echoed that sentiment, adding that with its stringent security requirements, the Coast Guard’s decision to deploy Mozaic ID “is testament to the hard work and dedication of our development and manufacturing teams, and to the fantastic Columbo fingerprint scanner, which made a vital contribution to the winning of this contract.”

The news comes after another handheld device featuring a Columbo sensor was used to identify an individual using a fraudulent ID document by Florida police in April, further testifying to the utility of Integrated Biometrics’ technology to law enforcement authorities.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)