Valencell, STMicroelectronics Announce Biometric Wearables Development Module

Valencell has teamed up with STMicroelectronics to offer a new development kit for biometric wearables. The solution combines STMicroelectronics’ SensorTile module with Valencell’s Benchmark biometric sensor platform.Valencell, STMicroelectronics Announce Biometric Wearables Development Module

SensorTile packs a number of sensors — an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, and pressure and temperature sensors — as well as a BLE chip, microphone, and STM32L4 microcontroller into a module only 13.5mm x 13.5mm in size. Meanwhile, Valencell’s Benchmark platform offers the basis for its PerformTek biometric technology, which has been used in multiple fitness-tracking wearable devices. Together, they “enable wearable makers to quickly and easily develop the perfect product for any application that integrates highly accurate biometrics,” said STMicroelectronics VP Tony Keirouz in a statement announcing the module.

The collaboration suggests growing interest in biometrics on the part of STMicroelectronics, which teamed up with Gemalto, FPC, and Precise Biometrics earlier this year to develop a fingerprint authentication security architecture package. Valencell, meanwhile, has always been keenly focused on biometric wearables, and has multiple speaking engagements lined up regarding such technology at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show.