Veridium Aims to Eliminate Password Authentication with Citrix Cloud, Azure AD Support

VeridiumID and the Veridium Authenticator App now support Citrix Cloud and other Azure Active Directory apps, Veridium has announced.Veridium Aims to Eliminate Password Authentication with Citrix Cloud, Azure AD Support

The support is aimed at entirely replacing passwords for authentication with Active Directory. It arrives about a year after Veridium upgraded its VeridiumID platform to support biometric authentication on mobile apps, and biometric matching on either the server or client side; and it comes just a few weeks after Veridium announced its new Authenticator App, which allows end users to authenticate via facial recognition or Veridium’s 4 Fingers TouchlessID solution using a standard smartphone camera.

In a statement announcing the platforms’ support for Citrix Cloud and Azure Active Directory, Veridium Chief Product Officer John Spencer explained that it means users can “use their biometrics to authenticate into any application or service from a single mobile application,” adding that Veridium’s aim is to offer customers “a single, cost-effective solution to eliminate passwords and tokens, and increase security across their organizations.”

The development appears to reflect a growing interest in biometric authentication in the enterprise, with numerous organizations beginning to acknowledge the ineffectiveness of password-based authentication. Veridium is capitalizing on that interest with demos of the technology at this week’s Citrix Synergy 2018 event in Anaheim, California.