Verifier Sentry Named Biometric Identification Device of 2015

Cross Match Technologies Inc Verifier SentryCrossmatch’s Verifier Sentry has won Government Security News’ (GSN) Biometric Identification Device of 2015. The honor was bestowed as part of GSN’s annual Airport, Seaport and Border Security Awards.

The Verifier Sentry is an Android-based handheld device allowing for on-the-spot multimodal authentication. It has a FAP 30 finger sensor that meets PIV-071006 specifications, and a PIV-specified camera for facial recognition. And it has two options for authentication method: The device can be used to read credential documents (PIV, CAC, TWIC, ICAO 9303 ePassports, and other government-issued IDs)  and match the subject’s current fingerprint biometric data to that associated with the documents; or it can transmit the fingerprint data to a remote AFIS for matching. And its Commander tool allows such transmission to occur through a secure connection, in addition to enabling administrators to locate, lock, and even clear data on Verifier Sentry devices remotely.

The GSN Award will further bolster Crossmatch’s reputation, which the company has built on sophisticated biometric offerings such as its DigitalPersona Altus multi-factor authentication platform; more recently, its fingerprint biometrics technology appeared in a new biometric safe from Zvetco Biometrics. The company’s expertise has recently attracted the interest of a US congressman seeking to better understand biometrics technology, and this latest industry recognition will only help to build Crossmatch’s credibility in this area.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)