Virginia DMV Now Accepts Google, Samsung, and Apple Pay

Virginia DMV Now Accepts Google, Samsung, and Apple Pay

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is hoping to make the DMV experience a little more convenient for Virginia residents. The Department has announced that it will now accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay at all of its 75 locations across the state. Citizens can also use the mobile wallets at any DMV 2 Go mobile office.

The decision reflects the state’s ongoing efforts to keep up with the latest technology and provide customers with more modern payment options. The DMV introduced chip and PIN credit card terminals in 2018.

“Like our customers, I enjoy the ease and convenience of mobile pay at retail outlets,” said DMV Commissioner Richard Holcomb. “Not only is this payment option secure and convenient, it also shaves seconds from transaction times, which add up in busy DMV offices.”

The new system is device agnostic, allowing customers to pay with any mobile device that supports their chosen mobile wallet. The mobile wallets are not yet compatible with the DMV Connect platform, but the organization is already working to implement that functionality.

The news comes shortly after Samsung Pay gave users the ability to block the sale of their personal data, a move that reflects the new CCPA legislation. Google Pay now allows people to verify transactions with facial recognition, and Apple Pay is rumored to be in negotiations that would make the service available to customers in Israel.  

Source: Augusta Free Press