Vision-Box Unveils Small Camera Solution for Biometric Passenger Processing

Vision-Box has announced a new smart camera designed to work with its Orchestra platform.Vision-Box Unveils Small Camera Solution for Biometric Passenger Processing

As the company explained in a statement announcing the offering, the diminutive new camera is “designed to fit any desk, totem or hanging from the jet bridge ceiling, building a network of small-footprint friendly faces around the airport supporting contactless passenger flow.” The idea is to populate an airport (or a similar kind of facility) with a number of these cameras in order to enable continuous, unobtrusive passenger identification using facial recognition technology.

For airport administrators, the solution can enhance their ability to track – and automatically serve – each individual passenger, from check-in to boarding. For passengers, that means convenience and efficiency – words not often associated with the air travel experience.

The solution was unveiled at last week’s Passenger Terminal Expo in Stockholm, where it likely attracted a lot of interest, given the growing appetite for automated biometric solutions among both private sector air travel stakeholders and government border control agencies looking to biometrics for enhanced security. And the new cameras could see real-world deployments soon, with Vision-Box asserting that it’s “currently working on a number of pioneering projects” with airports in Amsterdam, Sydney, Aruba, Lisbon, and Los Angeles.