Vivo Promises More Advanced In-Display Fingerprint Scanning in New Flagship Device

Vivo Promises More Advanced In-Display Fingerprint Scanning in New Flagship DeviceVivo has officially announced its next flagship smartphone, and it will once again reprise the company’s pioneering in-display fingerprint sensor technology. In fact, it will deliver an enhanced version of this feature.

Vivo became the first smartphone maker to deliver this technology when it launched its Vivo X20 Plus UD smartphone near the start of this year. Remarkably, it’s almost old hat now, with the company having again included an in-display fingerprint sensor in its follow-up, the Vivo X21. But in the forthcoming Vivo Nex S – the premium version of the more basic Nex A – the company says its in-display fingerprint sensor technology will sport a larger scanning area, a 30 percent lower false acceptance rate, and a 10 percent boost in speed.

As for the supplier of this fingerprint sensor technology, that isn’t yet clear. Synaptics’ Clear ID technology was used in Vivo’s pioneering X20 Plus UD, but the smartphone maker reportedly switched to Goodix for the X21’s in-display fingerprint sensor. Neither of those sensor makers has yet staked a claim on the Vivo Nex S.

In any case, Vivo’s continuing use of this technology in the Nex S suggests the company sees a real market value in in-display sensor technology. While such sensors do help to make room for the larger screens that are now so trendy – the Nex S’s is said to cover 91.24 percent of its front face, thanks also to a pop-up camera system on its top – Vivo has placed the fingerprint sensor on the rear of the more budget-friendly Nex A, allowing that model to have a huge screen, too; so the benefit of in-display tech seems to be more of a matter of impressing customers with a neat new feature that helps to justify the higher price of the premium model.

As for pricing and availability, the Nex S is scheduled to hit stores on June 23rd, and will be priced at roughly $780, compared to about $702 for the Nex A. At the moment it’s only slated for release in China.

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