Voatz Enables Virtual Convention for Arizona Republicans

Voatz is celebrating the completion of another successful election after revealing that its mobile voting technology was used during the Arizona State Republican Party Convention on May 9. More than 1,100 delegates cast a vote during the Convention, using a combination of both iPhone and Android devices.

Voatz Enables Virtual Convention for Arizona Republicans

The Arizona State Convention is not the first to utilize the Voatz app, though it is the first to be carried out with a live-streaming town hall component. The Convention was conducted virtually due to COVID-19.

In that regard, Voatz noted that mobile voting can help maintain civic processes during the pandemic, when the coronavirus makes in-person polling stations a potential threat to public health.

“This is a critical moment for our democracy, and we have to ensure that we have safe alternatives to voting in person,” said Voatz Co-Founder and CEO Nimit Sawhney. “We believe in expanding access to voting, and with many voters’ health at risk, we are proud to support the Arizona Republican Party’s mandate to represent their delegates’ voices.”

“We knew we needed to provide the most reliable connection for all participants, and we were able to ensure everyone who wanted to vote could do so easily from the safety of their home,” added Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Greg Safsten.

The Utah Republican Party previously used Voatz during its own state conventions, enjoying record turnout after delegates cast a large number of mobile ballots. Utah has been one of the most enthusiastic adopters of mobile voting technology, with Utah County extending Voatz privileges to the disabled community based on the success of a primary municipal election in August.