Voice Recognition Added To Korea Telecom’s Mobile App

Korea Telecom has added voice recognition to its personal authentication mobile app, reports The Korea Times. In so doing, it claims to be the first in the country to offer a voice biometrics-based personal authentication service.Voice Recognition Added To Korea Telecom's Mobile App

The app was launched in June of this year, and appears to have been a product of a government-led initiative to bring biometric authentication to mobile customers launched toward the end of last year. The app previously relied upon PINs and fingerprint recognition for authentication, but now allows users to register their voice biometrics by speaking a particular phrase multiple times. According to The Korea Times, the system can distinguish between real human speech and recordings, helping to ensure its integrity.

The system adheres to FIDO Alliance standards, and is currently available via Google Play, with an iPhone version currently in the works.

Source: The Korea Times


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)