VoiceVault Announces Mandarin Language Mobile Voice Biometrics

The voice biometrics market is experiencing quite a bit of traction as the demand for hands-free interfacing and strong authentication continues to grow. VoiceVault, a provider of voice biometric software, has been experiencing this increased demand in mainland China. As a result, the company announced today that its phrase-based voice verification is now available in Mandarin Chinese.

A big step in voice authentication, this announcement demonstrates that VoiceVault can support languages with different character sets than the Roman alphabet.

“We’re excited to be working with Chinese organizations on mobile app development projects in Mandarin,” Tim Furnell, CTO at VoiceVault. “With the voice biometric challenges overcome, delivering text-prompted Mandarin Chinese identity verification is simple, straightforward and secure.”

The new Chinese language functionality expands further than one might expect at first glance. Chinese organizations will now be able to offer strong voice based authentication, but it doesn’t end there. VoiceVault is offering a development toolkit specifically designed for the creation of Chinese language apps. This move in particular underlines the company’s stated interest in the developer market.

VoiceVault has made available a Chinese language demo on the Appstore and Google Play. Additional support materials are also available on the company’s website.

Just this week, our sister site, findBIOMETRICS, reported on new research detailing the rise of voice biometrics in the automotive industry. Cited as a major contributing factor to the project market growth is the demand for voice biometrics in Asian markets.