Xpert Decision Systems Launches Automated Face Biometrics Solution

South African credit information bureau Xpert Decision Systems (XDS) announced that it has launched a new web-based automated facial biometrics solution that will allow its clients to remotely and securely authenticate their identity in real time.

Xpert Decision Systems Launches Automated Face Biometrics Solution

This announcement comes amid the global COVID-19 pandemic which has caused a large number of enterprises and consumers to adjust to a new normal in which remote authentication is becoming an increasingly important part of everything in our daily lives from shopping to healthcare to banking.

“The novel global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is presenting unprecedented changes even in these modern times,” said XDS Executive:Biometrics Vic Esterhuizen. “Not least of all, is the massive online migration, spurred by the lockdowns simultaneously being instituted in regions across the globe… [and] we recognise that this is likely to lead to the biggest digital disruption markets have seen since the proliferation of Internet connectivity.”

The new system has been dubbed DOVS (Digital On-boarding Verification Solution), and is an extension of the XDS web-based Biometric Facial Modules which currently include the Face View and Face Match systems, both of which are interoperable with the new DOVS system.

“The solution allows a business to safely and securely verify the identity of a customer online, in real-time, by accessing the customers where they are through using the customer’s mobile device, such as a smartphone and our online facial recognition platform,” said Esterhuizen. “This means there’s no delay for customers – and no lengthy wait for the business before being able to approve an account and/or a sale to a customer,” he added.

Source: IntelligentCIO

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)