Yoti and LedgerState Showcase Digital IDs at Concordia Summit

Yoti and LedgerState Showcase Digital IDs at Concordia Summit

Yoti and LedgerState recently paid a visit to the Concordia Summit at the UN Assembly in New York to showcase a new digital identity solution designed for governments and developing economies. The solution blends Yoti’s Doc Scan identity and document verification platform with LedgerState’s blockchain tech to deliver a secure, decentralized form of identity.

According to Yoti, the solution is ideal for governments that are looking for a more efficient way to distribute public services, giving them access to a fast, easy form of identity verification. It’s also ideal for citizens worried about data security. Thanks to LedgerState’s decentralized blockchain tech, the identity information is not stored in a central data center, which eliminates a popular target for hackers and reduces the strain on government resources.

“There are finally tools and systems available for governments to grant a higher level of Sovereignty to their citizens,” said LedgerState founder Nino Vang Vojvodic. “Early implementers will gain significant advantage when it comes to attracting the best talent and people to their citizenship or residency.”

Yoti has been working with LedgerState to integrate blockchain technology for well over a year, first demonstrating its Hashgraph capabilities at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2018. The two companies would return to Davos one year later to discuss the benefits of digital identity at the government level.

In the meantime, Yoti has continued to promote digital identity as a potential form of inclusion for people around the world. The company backed a research project that examined the identity needs of people in Africa and Southeast Asia, and has since launched a Fellowship Programme in an effort to generate a more grassroots understanding of identity. The recipients of the Fellowship were announced in September.