Yoti Provides Identity Verification for RefNow Reference Platform

Yoti Provides Identity Verification for RefNow Reference Platform

Yoti is teaming up with RefNow in an effort to make the hiring process less of a hassle for employers and candidates alike. RefNow is a London-based human resources company that tracks down and contacts people’s employment references, which saves companies the trouble of doing it themselves. 

To use the platform, employers submit the name and contact information of a person they might like to hire. The candidate, in turn, submits their references, and RefNow contacts those people and asks them to fill out an online reference form. RefNow then sends the complete report to the employer.

Yoti will help with identity verification, allowing RefNow to cut down on reference fraud and ensure that applicants and references are indeed who they say they are. Specifically, the Yoti integration will link a person’s real name (as seen on their ID) with a verified work email address to make sure the reference is legitimate.

“I’m very pleased about our partnership with Yoti – it will allow RefNow to increase the robustness of our referencing process by verifying the real identity of the candidates and referees who use our system,” said RefNow Co-Founder James Fall.

Yoti was recently listed as a government-approved technology vendor in the UK, and has also secured £8 million in equity funding. The company’s identity verification services were previously used to facilitate the UK’s first blockchain home sale, so the RefNow partnership further demonstrates how the app is well-suited to a range of commercial applications.